Glo-Chem International has two (2) divisions, GCI Services and GCI Products.

Services Division – provides services to a wide range of clients, during project development, design, bidding, subcontractor selection, product ordering, fabrication, construction, mobilization and project close-out.GCI staff and consulting group of professionals are highly skilled and experienced from years of multiple project developments to handle a vast range of project requirements.

Responding to the needs of our clients, GCI services include but not limited todeliberate diversity business recruitment and energy conservation consulting services. Our management team includes: affordable housing professionals (new and renovations utilizing tax credit financing),mixed-financial real estate packaging, funds development, building inspection, cost estimating, and trouble-shooting difficult projects. GCI can works seamlessly to augment our client’s staff as they operate on project sites. GCI Services also provides document maintenance, reporting, project controls, compliance (diversity programs, badging, background screening, etc.), and general office management.

This experience provided for the evolution of GCI into energy conservation consulting with a strategic partnership with Energy Systems Group (ESP). This expansion of our services complemented the environmentally friendly mission of GCI. The experience allowed GCI to focus on measurable technical, financial and operational results and achievements.

GCI Products Division
GCI thrives on innovation. We have used strategic partnerships to enhance our technical, financial and operational goals. Beginning with our exceptional relationship with Cantol Inc. GCI has cultivated a unique line of specialty chemical products with consistent environmentally friendly results. As a contract manufacturer of specialty chemicals, we promoted environmentally friendly chemicals and services. GCI experience substantial growth with the strategic partnership with GRAINGER. This aloud the company to expand our product line and attract a wide range of clients, including Verizon, and The Port Authority of New York/New Jersey.More recently, GCI has establish a strategic partnership with a biotechnology company whose relationship has provided for the evolution of GCI’s environmental friendly mission by addressing solutions to germs and micro-organisms. GCI is one of a few businesses which has exclusive rights to antimicrobial patented EPA registered technology formulations. This allows us to managed germs and micro-organismsincluding Covit-19 with disinfection and durable long term antimicrobial protection. As a result, we have launched new division of GCI called “The Germ Killers”(TGK). TGK is a distributor of antimicrobial products and is a certified application service provider.




PRESIDENT/CEO is responsible for overall management, branding and strategic planning. He served as Director of the Investment Recovery Program (IRP) for the Hospital and Higher Educational Facilities Authority of Philadelphia. He developed strategic investment program for Philadelphia based pension fund managers. Developed and directed innovative program to assist Philadelphia area hospitals and healthcare facilities in financing the upgrading and modernization of their technology. Dr Nyahuma facilitated working relationship among the authority, client hospitals, academic medical centers and foreign investors. IRP complimented the Authority’s Bond Pool Financing Program. He has a MA from Binghamton University, attended Harvard-Tufts Consortia for International Business Executives; attended University of Penn/Wharton Evening Program and has a BA from Windham College. Certified Training: Turner School of Construction Management, SBA/NJSCC – School Construction Small Business Training Program; NJTransit/Regional Alliance – Sustainable Construction; PA/NY/NJ – Regional Alliance – Blueprint Reading; Construction Cost Estimating; Fundamentals of Sustainable Design/Green Building; Fundamentals Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical; and Scaffolding.


Senior Consultant, GCI Housing Division

ISMAIL ABDUL-HAMID has over 35 years of experience in Real Estate Development, Program Management and related disciplines. His focus has been Low Income, Affordable and Work-Force Housing. His summary of expertise is well established in HOPE VI & CHOICE Neighborhood Program Management, Planned Unit Development / Planned Residential Development; Community Economic Development, Organizational Development, Real Estate Development Financial Packaging, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits; Funds / Grants Development; Project Management; Construction Management; Architectural Design; Specification Writing; Building Inspection, Cost Estimating and Trouble-Shooting difficult projects.

His experience is accentuated by his years of service at the Architect’s Workshop of the AIA providing affordable design services to local community groups; Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority providing project management during the construction of center city “The Gallery Mall”.

Mr. Abdul-Hamid has been the Executive Director of the Greater Germantown Housing Development Corporation providing community and economic development; Dual Directorships for Housing Rehabilitation / Real Estate Development for the Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Service; Senior Program Manager/HOPE VI Grant Manager / CHOICE Neighborhood Grant Manager for Real Estate Development at the Philadelphia Housing Authority; and Vice President / Regional Director of Real Estate Development at Keith B. Key Enterprises.



She has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from USC. Certified Training: PA/NY/NJ – Regional Alliance – Construction Project Scheduling and Contract Administration.



Jawanza Nyahuma is responsible for all construction management for projects with public and private sector companies. He has a BS in Architecture from Florida AM University. Certified Training: PA/NY/NJ – Regional Alliance – Fundamentals of Sustainable Design/Green Building; Construction Cost Estimating.



He is responsible for financial management, controls and project feasibility analysis. He has over 30 years as a seasoned serial entrepreneur. He has served as CFO of a market research company, Director of Business Development for a system engineering government contractor, a franchise owner for over 12 years and a management consultant and a digital marketing consultant. Mr. Dunn has a BA in accounting with a minor in finance from Morehouse College.


NMSDC PA/NJ/DEL, AMTRAK-PA/NY/NJ, Philadelphia, Newark, NJSCC, SAM (US Gov’t), PAUCP/DBE Certification Approval # 13727


Beech Interplex, Inc., Boeing Aerospace, Bryn Mawr College, Camden School Board,C.A. Spalding, Classic Management, Drexel University, General Services Administration ,Hertz Corporation, NYC Horizon Juvenile Justice Center, Pennsylvania State Prison-Mahoney, Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia Medical Examiner, Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia Port Corporation, Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia YMCA,Phoenix/Tucson Unified School District, US House of Representatives, VA Medical Center, Verizon, Veterans Stadium