GCI Energy Services was established in 2012 as part of a Strategic Partnership with Touzour Energy providing energy conservation services for the expansion of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This experience provided for the evolution of GCI into energy conservation with anadditional strategic partnership with Energy Systems Group (ESG) providing energy conservation services to school districts and institutions.(www.gcienergyservices.com)

GCI ENERGY national recognize team of energy experts provides objective independent technology resources for energy management solutions. Our solutions provide a range of services to help customers minimize future energy costs; manage energy budget “risks”; save time through access to independent, high-quality information; and plan more effectively for the future.

Our customers benefit by getting high quality information without a hidden agenda. We are a strategic partner with a number of highly respected university and private sector organizations. GCI ENERGY’s team of experts can provide you with unbiased advice on energy procurement, consumption, supply and planning which allows our clients to make cost-effective/efficient energy decisions