Glo Chem International

GLO-CHEM International has been in business for over 15 years with services and product supplied to the construction, facility management and medical industries. Glo-Chem is a private independent corporation whose evolution and growth over the years of international trade/travel and relationships sealed under the mentorship of the Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan and our stewards of services provided by his OIC International to developing nations on the African and Asian continents.


The Glo-Chem private business practice has provided services and supplies to companies in Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Canada, China, India, England, France and South Africa to name a few. Glo-Chem provides global solutions for developing sustainable healthy projects/communities, through partnerships, educational collaborations, entrepreneurship, training, research, and the management of resources.


Nationally, Glo-Chem International has been a national prime contractor of industrial supplies and equipment for five years with Verizon serving all 50 states. Additionally, Glo-Chem serviced multiyear contracts with the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, providing industrial products and lubricants to the three major airports, bridges, tunnels and warehouse facilities throughout New Jersey and New York.


GCI mission is to serve our clients with the highest level of professional expertise and quality of products with the utmost attention to project success. Our goal is to give our clients the highest level of customer satisfaction and provide efficient wrap around services with the most reliable products on the market. We are a diverse group and well positioned to be a competitive force, locally, nationally and internationally.